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The 19th Halifax Immersion in ISTDP, ISTDP For Personality Disorders, will be presented September 21-September 23, 2022 online. All video material will be subtitled in English. Please follow the link for details and registration.

Unlocking Syntonic Character Pathology: An Advanced ISTDP Course

Online United Kingdom

Dr. Joel Town will provide a 2-day ISTDP workshop on becoming more effective treating syntonic character pathology This 2-day ISTDP workshop will address how therapists can become more effective when treating syntonic character pathology. ISTDP aims to mobilise the unconscious therapeutic alliance by unlocking the multiple elements of resistance that combine to create syntonic character […]

Recognizing & Resolving Sexual Conflicts in ISTDP #2 – Dr Patricia Coughlin

Many of our patients struggle with conflicts regarding their sexuality. Anxiety and inhibition regarding sexual desires, and a fusion of sexual and aggressive impulses, are only two of the many conflicts that can adversely affect a patient's sexual life. In part two of this webinar, we will specifically focus on the fusion of sexual and […]


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