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Recognizing & Resolving Sexual Conflicts in ISTDP #2 – Dr Patricia Coughlin

Many of our patients struggle with conflicts regarding their sexuality. Anxiety and inhibition regarding sexual desires, and a fusion of sexual and aggressive impulses, are only two of the many conflicts that can adversely affect a patient's sexual life. In part two of this webinar, we will specifically focus on the fusion of sexual and […]




Dr. Abbass, with ISTDP San Diego, will present a three-day online training course focused on Treatment Resistant Depression. Details will follow.

Overcoming Treatment-Resistance with Attachment-Based ISTDP

Online United Kingdom

Dr. Robert Neborsky joins ISTDP San Diego to demonstrate and teach Attachment-Based Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. This online, video-based therapy training will focus on Dr. Robert Neborsky's article: "Brain, Mind and Dyadic Change Processes” (Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session, Vol.62 (5) 523-538) and the case presented in it, “The Man Who Hung His Head.” […]


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